7 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

“Have you thought of any names yet?” If you’re pregnant, you must have answered that question at least two thousand times already. For those of you who have chosen a name, this question gives you an excuse to show off the wonderful name you cooked up, or smugly keep the chosen name secret. If, however, you haven’t thought of a name yet, then this question may leave you feeling panicked, stressed and convinced that you have fallen at the first hurdle of motherhood.

Fear not – just because you hadn’t tattooed a chosen name across your chest by the time you peed on the pregnancy test, it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible mother. This is a name that you baby is going to have for life, so it’s not an insignificant decision. Here are seven tips to help you when choosing your baby’s name:

  1. Make sure you’re in agreement – this might seem obvious, but it’s important that you both like the name. You may not have similar tastes, but you should try to settle on a name you both like. It can be easy to push your favourite name at the expense of your partner’s, but it’s not fair to do that.
  2. Consider the nicknames – try to predict what your child’s future nicknames will be. Think back to high school, and remember the unfortunate nicknames some children got.
  3. Look at the initials – it’s easy to forget this stage, but it could lead to ridicule down the line. Make sure you’re not unwittingly giving your child hilarious initials. Look at all the initials, and then try first name initials alongside the full surname.
  4. How does it sound – you know when you meet a person and think “Uch, what an unfortunate name,”? Well you don’t want your child to become that person. Make sure the name sounds good, is easy to say, and doesn’t have any obvious negative connotations.
  5. What does the name mean to you – some parents give their children sentimental names. Family names, inspiring names and historic names are all good choices. The name should mean something to you.
  6. What will it mean to other people? – it’s all very well if the name is important to you, but if it reminds everyone else of an infamous serial killer, it may not be the best name to choose. First impressions matter, and your child’s name will be one of his first impressions for life, so choose a good one.
  7. Keep it secret – unless you love hearing contradictory opinions, keep the name under wraps until after the birth. Everyone and anyone will be leaning over to tell you they don’t like the name you’ve chosen, unless the baby is here, and then people will be too busy cooing to even consider the name.

Have you chosen a name for your baby yet?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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