7 Tried and Tested Period Pain Remedies

For some women, periods pass without so much as a niggle, but for others, periods are five long days of cramps, nausea and and backache. It’s not uncommon for women to call in sick from work, or for girls to miss school, because of bad period pains. If you’re suffering each month, here are seven tried and tested period pain remedies you could try to reduce your discomfort:

1. Get off the sofa
You probably feel like vegging out on the sofa and watching a movie, but this could be part of the problem. Light exercise could help to alleviate cramps, and help you to feel a little better. When your cramps start, try going for a brisk walk to see if this helps reduce your discomfort. Yoga, pilates, jogging and swimming are also great exercises for helping to reduce menstrual cramps.

2. Watch what you eat
When you’re feeling sorry for yourself, junk food may seem like the answer, but it could actually be making you feel worse. Sugary, refined and processed foods can leave you feeling worse. Choose foods that can reduce inflammation, such as lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and stay away from unhealthy foods that can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.

3. Dose up on vitamins
Zinc, calcium and B vitamins may help to reduce period pains, so make sure you are getting plenty of these. Foods rich in these essential nutrients include fortified cereals, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans. Make sure you include a variety of these in your diet to increase your intake of these cramp-fighting foods. It’s also worth taking a multivitamin to give yourself added protection from deficiencies which could leave you feeling worse.

4. Get toasty
Heat is a great way to battle cramps and muscle pains, so snuggle up with our hot water bottle. Whether you are experiencing period pains in your abdomen or lower back, a warm compress, such as a hot water bottle or heat pad, could help to ease the pain.

5. Have a soak
A long soak in a warm bath could help to soothe menstrual cramps, it acts as an all-body heat pad, with the added benefit of providing relaxation. Draw a nice, warm bath, choose a good book, and spend some time relaxing in the bath.

6. Mmmassage
Massage can help to reduce discomfort, try massaging in a light, circular motion on the affected area. Heated massage oils may help to relax you whilst also providing the soothing benefit of applying heat to ease muscle ache.

7. Cut the caffeine
Caffeine may be constricting your blood levels and increasing tension, leaving you feeling worse during your period. Skipping caffeine even just for a few days may help you to handle your cramps better. Replacing your usual coffee or soda with water or chamomile tea could also help to relieve bloating.

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