Will I pass stool during labor?

Admit it! At least once in your pregnancy, especially as you get closer to the ‘end’ so to speak, you have asked yourself, “Will I poop during labor?”

After all, just because we are pregnant and become accustomed to strangers and doctors touching and positioning us into awkward and uncomfortable positions that completely compromise any shred of modesty we have left, doesn’t mean we are immune to worrying about other people actually seeing, or dealing with our feces. How embarrassing, right?

So what IS the scoop on poop? Will all that pushing and pressure squeeze out a little bit of poop as well as baby? Or is this just a bunch of hype that gives us yet another silly thing to worry about?

The truth is that there is a chance you will pass stool while delivering. Years ago in fact, doctors would give women in labor an enema to try and avoid the poop. But today, very few if any do so. And while you might be embarrassed about it, the reality is you probably won’t even know you did it. Today, doctors, midwifes and doulas are fully equipped to handle a little bit of poop in the delivery room. The feet up in stirrups position enables them to wipe away any fecal matter without making a fuss, and you certainly won’t find a labor and delivery room doctor or nurse who is going to make a big deal of it. Obviously, there are more important things going on during delivery than a little bit of poop.

Furthermore, if you are ‘bearing down and pushing,’ like the doctor instructs and pass some feces (or gas) along the way – it reassures the doctor that you are actually pushing properly. Which is important, especially if you have had an epidural that numbs your senses. Additionally, you need to realize that you are in perhaps one of the most vulnerable positions of your life. Most women in late pregnancy show up in labor and delivery rooms un-groomed in the nether regions for months (because who can actually reach down there and take care of that while pregnant), and 9/10ths of your naked body are hanging out for the world to see. And since thousands of women give birth every day of the year, you can bet that your doctor or birth assistant has SEEN IT ALL. A little bit of doo-doo might seem embarrassing at the time, but it really is just par for the course.

What you might want to do is make sure that the folks in the delivery room with you are prepared for what is to come. You definitely don’t want your uncle from out of town with the funny sense of humor filming your labor and then posting your pooping escapade on Facebook as a joke. And chances are your partner is so freaked out that you are pushing a head from your vagina, that any pooping is mild in comparison. But still, you might want to choose the people attending your birth accordingly and make sure that they are folks you are comfortable with. Better yet, request that every one stand at the head of your bed rather than at the foot of your bed.

So there you have it. You might poop a little during labor and delivery. Big deal! After all you have gone through to have a baby, you deserve to not have to worry about such silly things! After all, it’s all natural and normal. If anyone facilitating your birth mind – then they are CLEARLY in the wrong profession.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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