What to Write in Your Pregnancy Journal

Ok, so you’ve decided that the idea of keeping a pregnancy journal appeals to your sentimental and creative sides. You’ve bought yourself a beautiful journal, a shiny new pen, and you’ve written and underlined the date at the top of the first page. The only problem is, now you’ve hit a serious case of writer’s block. So, what should you be writing in your pregnancy journal, and how can you help the writing come naturally?

It’s all about the details
Each entry should include information like how many weeks pregnant you are, and what you’ve been doing that week. Have you been to any midwife appointments, or did you have a surprise baby shower this week? Perhaps you’ve been to family functions, or had a busy week at work. Don’t feel under pressure to just focus on the pregnancy, your journal should capture what life is like for you during the pregnancy.

Write about the pregnancy
Have you been throwing up every morning on your commute to work, snoring on the sofa long before bedtime, or suffering with indigestion after meals? Write it all down. In years to come, you may share this diary with your daughter, as she embarks on her first pregnancy, and she may find it interesting to compare and contrast her symptoms with yours.

Be honest
This doesn’t need to be a rose-tinted gloss version of pregnancy. Your journal should reflect your experiences, and this includes the negatives aspects, too. The crippling doubts of whether you’ll be a good mother that keep you awake at night, are as much a part of your pregnancy as the excitement over decorating the nursery. Writing about worries may even help you work through them so they don’t impact your birth.

Keep it friendly
Imagine the journal is one of your good friends, and just let the writing flow freely. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is neat, or your entries are grammatically correct, what matters is that you tell the story of your pregnancy. It’s not going to be a bestseller, it’s going to be your own little piece of history to look book on in years to come.

Stick things in
Taking regular bump photos is a fantastic way to document the pregnancy. You could do weekly or monthly photos, and stick them in with your journal entries. Scan photos, birth plans and receipts for first outfits are also great little keepsakes. Tokens from your baby shower, any good luck cards from colleagues, and even any notes written by your partner, will be great things to look back on in the future.

Are you keeping a pregnancy journal, and if so, how do you keep writer’s block at bay?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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