7 Pregnancy Products Women Need

When you are pregnant, even the littlest things are essential to making you feel comfortable. Some products are specially designed to make your pregnant life simpler, calmer, and more relaxing. May it be to stop the itching in your belly, clothes for easier movements, or anything that will get you through the night, these pregnancy products are your best bet!


A body pillow is a lifesaver for some pregnant women. It is that one thing they sleep with every night, lounge on the couch with, and wrap around their back. It is a very valuable sleep aid when you have trouble sleeping due to discomfort. It also eases stiff joints and supports your body.


Belly support in the form of elastic belly belt may help relieve pubic pain and prevents progress of discomfort. At a very low cost, it provides instant relief with its light and small feature. It is highly recommended for pregnant women who have lots of back and pelvic bone problems.


If you’re suffering from morning sickness you may benefit from natural morning sickness relief. It can be a baggie full of crackers, fruit-and-juice popsicles, or even sea bands. You can also have preggy pops which come in different flavours such as ginger and lavender.


Ever heard of bra extenders? You can get it for a few bucks and save yourself from buying new bras that you will not use in a week. With extenders, you can still wear your bras a bit longer by letting out the ribcage part.


Soothing skin lotion is essential for your breasts, butt, and belly. Use it after the shower for a softer pregnancy skin. Aloe Vera gel helps with your hot and swollen feet, providing you a good night sleep. When massaged to the perineum, it may also prevent tears during labour.


With swollen feet, slide-on shoes are great pregnancy products that every expecting mother should have. Choose some cute and support slide-on shoes for support and cushion.


During the course of your pregnancy, there are simply too many things to keep track of. The pregnancy planner is a handy notepad where you can write down emergency contact numbers, health details and things you like to do to prepare for delivery. If you have a lot of things on your mind, the planner is a great way to organise your thoughts and schedules so you don’t miss those important prenatal appointments or just simply hanging out with your friends.

What products are your “must-haves”?

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