Pregnant at New Year’s

Are you pregnant this New Year’s?  If so, first of all – CONGRATULATIONS! You have A LOT to look forward to this coming year and chances are your life will change in millions of amazing and positive ways.

Secondly, just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to forego all the celebrations that ring in the New Year. In fact, this is a great time to plan something BIG, and to go out and enjoy yourself with your significant other for the LAST time as a couple. If you are one of the many pregnant women who have a hard time staying up till midnight, then consider doing something low-key and meaningful at home with your loved ones. How about a special movie night, or going out to a fancy dinner, or visiting a special club? You can also plan a short little trip to a romantic destination, or a last trip to visit family who live out of town. Just because you aren’t up for slipping into a slinky dress and heels doesn’t mean the night will not be special for you.

If you want to hit the party scene one last time, then consider dressing yourself up (comfortably, of course) and offering your services as a designated driver to your friends and family. (Remember alcohol during pregnancy is a big No-No). There is nothing wrong with dancing the night away and watching a disco ball drop while expecting, and this can be a great time to celebrate with the girls before the baby arrives.

One fun suggestion this New Year’s if you find yourself expecting is to sit down and start a journal. Your New Years resolutions this year will be quite different from years past. This is a good time to write a letter to your baby-to-be that you can share when he or she is older. Include all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations for your child (and for you as a mother.) This will definitely make for a special keepsake and something you will enjoy looking back on in a decade or so.

Also, think about positive changes you would like to make in your life as you expect your baby, and take steps to make them happen. New Year’s can be a great time to reorganize your house, to make resolutions to start eating better as a family, or to make changes to your household budget and finances that will be beneficial to you when the baby arrives.

Just remember, that next New Year’s Eve, you will be holding a baby in your arms! Take time to ring in 2014 and feel grateful for the many ways in which your life will change in the upcoming year.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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