4 Baby Classes Worth Checking Out

We’ve all heard of Mommy and Me baby classes; the same ones featured on dozens of television shows and movies where new parents sit in a circle with their little ones and play alongside other new parents. There is usually music and laughing and fun. Babies love it, and Mom and Dad get a chance to socialize with other adults—win-win! But nowadays, it isn’t enough to just attend a local Mommy and Me session. No… your child has to specialize.

Kidding! There are still plenty of Mommy and Me centered classes available, just about everywhere, but there are also a lot of exciting options to consider if you want something more focused. These baby classes can be an opportunity to spend time with your child, and to help them hone skills that may be beneficial as they continue to grow!

  1. Swimming: Around 6 months of age, parent-baby swimming lessons become an option. Don’t worry, no one is going to toss your little one in, but this can be a fun way to get them comfortable in the water and building upon some basic swimming techniques. Water babies love the chance to splash around with Mom and Dad, and you’ll learn tips for helping your little one to build on their swim skills.
  2. Music: Most people think dedicated music lessons are for school-aged children, but most people are wrong! There are actually a lot of different options for music education starting in infancy, and that exposure can be great for brain development. By toddlerhood, little ones can even begin to recognize instruments by sound, and notes on a page.
  3. Gymnastics: With a bit of research, you can probably find a handful of gyms in your local area who cater specifically to babies and toddlers, sometimes starting as early as 6 months old. These baby classes are very hands-on for parents, led by teachers who help you in keeping your little ones moving. This can be a great way to develop gross motor skills and balance, and your baby is sure to have tons of fun on the equipment available to them at baby gymnastics.
  4. PEKiP: You may not have ever heard of PEKiP before, but it’s the new baby class everyone is getting excited about. Originating in Prague, infants can start this child development program as early as 6 weeks old, lasting through the first year of life. The goal is to assist in infant development through play and movement, giving parents opportunities to build upon their interactions, while also receiving lots of support and having fun along the way.

Written by Leah Campbell, infertility advocate, adoptive mama, writer and editor. Find me @sifinalaska on Twitter.

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