Your Baby’s Repetition of Sounds




Have you started hearing some of these syllables on repeat yet? Or what about your baby blowing raspberries or making bubbles with his or her mouth? You’ve probably even noticed your little one babbling incoherently, repeating sounds you aren’t even sure how they figured out.

Rest assured, this is all totally normal at this age! Your baby is starting to understand his or her ability to make these noises, and they are delighted by the fact that they are able to put on their own concert of sorts just by using their mouth! It’s actually a great sign, because it is the beginning of language development. And sure, it can be exciting to hear those dadas and mamas, but they probably aren’t talking to you just yet—instead, they are simply repeating the syllables they’ve figured out along the way.

Soon enough, though, your little one will be looking you right in the eye, reaching out and offering up a “Dada” or “Mama” that is impossible to mistake!

Until then, look at this repetition of sounds as your baby’s way of practicing. The babbling can be a bit annoying at times, especially when the same sounds are on repeat for hours at a time, but just remember that it is all part of your baby’s learning curve. And if your little one is repeating those sounds at night, when you would prefer he or she were sleeping, look at the bright side: they aren’t crying, and they are actually probably doing a pretty good job of entertaining themselves with the exploration of those noises.

Try engaging your little one in a conversation as they practice those noises. Let them babble first, and then you talk back as though they have said something coherent, before pausing to give them a chance to respond. Your baby will be thrilled with this game, and it is another great way to help him or her with language development, as well as with social abilities.

Over time, your baby will latch onto a new set of sounds to repeat as they continue to explore the capabilities of their mouth and vocal chords. And before you know it, those sounds will morph into actual words—words your baby is saying with intention in an effort to communicate with you. Enjoy this process, as it goes by faster than you might think. Someday soon, you may find you miss that repetition of raspberries your little one had become so good at making!

Written by Leah Campbell, infertility advocate, adoptive mama, writer and editor. Find me @sifinalaska on Twitter.

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