Bach Flower Remedies During Labor

Oh baby, baby! He’s coming, and you are scared to death. You have no idea what to expect, have heard horror stories from friends and family members, and are not a big fan of pain. What if you freak out completely? What if you can’t handle it? Will it hurt? Is it possible to have a nervous breakdown in the delivery room?

The list of worries is endless. And you are not alone. Your birth experience is one of the most life changing moments in your life, and until you get there, you have no idea how you will react, or how you feel. It is not something that you can truly learn about by listening to other people.

Most hospitals are equipped in every way possible to get you through it, and keep you calm. Lamaze and birthing classes have likely armed you with the tools to breathing and helping you relax during labor. Even so, you might be overly apprehensive and most health care providers do not like to give their laboring patients any medications for anxiety or stress because they will also affect the unborn baby.

Enter Bach Flower remedies. Flower remedies have long been used in holistic medicine to help people deal with a malady of everyday problems. And labor and delivery is no different. In fact, Bach flower rescue remedies are available at your local herb shop and are considered safe for pregnant women in the last trimester. (Please check with your healthcare provider before taking).

Bach flower remedies aren’t a food or a medication. They are homeopathic-like tinctures prepared with water and/or alcohol and a variety of flowers. Ideally, the flower types would be tailored to you personally, and would depend on your individual personality traits and concerns. Work with a naturopath or someone trained in Bach flower remedies for the best results.

You can find Bach flower remedies in both essential oils, herbal blends and even in spritzers and creams. Many cultures believe that women who use Bach flower remedies in the last few weeks of pregnancy are able to remain more calm and focused in the last few weeks of pregnancy and during labor. Bach flower is one of the oldest rescue and emergency herbs used to treat anxiety and stress. Some even believe that the Bach flower creams can help reduce pain during labor as well. (Very few clinical studies have been done, so you may want to do some research yourself before buying the Bach flower remedies)

Bach flower is listed as a flower blend that can help you with worry, stress, shock, stress and as an aid to help boost energy levels during pregnancy. If you are suffering from any of these things, Bach Flower essence may be EXACTLY what you need.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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