Is My Baby Bored?

If you sometimes find yourself worrying whether your baby is bored, you’re not alone. Most parents worry about this at some time or another. Parents worry that they aren’t offering enough stimulation to keep their baby interested throughout the day. After all, not many parents can keep the jazz hands act up all day long. You may worry that your baby is getting bored while you’re busy sorting out the laundry. After all, laundry isn’t very exciting, is it?

Well, no. Not to you, because you’ve done laundry hundreds of time. But laundry is actually pretty exciting to a baby. There are new smells, colors, textures and shapes to be observed. If you’re singing or talking while you do it, he’s enjoying that side of it as well. Pretty much any mundane task can be interesting for your baby if you chat away whilst you do it. Laundry is a great example because you can chat about the colors, shapes and owners of each item of clothing you come across.

Is my baby bored?

It’s highly unlikely that your baby is bored. Babies don’t need expensive activities or flashing toys. The most exciting thing in your baby’s world is you. He loves listening to your voice, watching you interact with people and seeing the things you do. Simply put, he’s fascinated by you. If you’re engaging with him, chatting to him and touching him, he’s unlikely to be bored.

Babies who lack interaction can get bored, so be sure to interact with your baby throughout the day. It can sometimes be tricky thinking of things to say, especially when you’re home alone with a baby. Reading books is a great way to keep talking without having to think of anything interesting to say. You can also go for walks and point out the sights you see along the way. Sing songs, play games and make sure you spend plenty of time enjoying your baby.

What things do you do to pass the time when it’s just you and the baby at home?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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