The Highs and Lows of Pregnancy

As you are no doubt aware, each pregnancy is different. Even if you have experienced pregnancy before, there is no way to predict how your next pregnancy will be. While you may be suffering with backache and fatigue, your prenatal class friends may be glowing and full of energy. Here are some of the potential high and lows of pregnancy:

The first trimester

The high– as your hormones kick into overdrive, you may experience an increased sex drive. Some women find they simply cannot get enough during those first few months. Whether it is the confidence of being pregnant, the impact of the extra hormones, or an increased blood flow to your lady parts leaving you feeling aroused, take advantage of this boost while you can.

The low– morning sickness was bound to crop up here, wasn’t it? That nausea that haunts some women for the first few months of pregnancy is definitely one of the lows of pregnancy. You may find your favourite foods end up off-limits as you struggle with sickness on a daily basis. The only way to get through this period is to remember it won’t last forever. Most women find that their sickness eases by week 16. Until then, try eating ginger biscuits to battle the nausea.

The second trimester

The high – being awake past 7pm may not have been a high pre-pregnancy, but it probably will be after the first trimester fatigue. All of a sudden you have the energy to see friends again and start getting organised for the baby. And you’re even awake to watch your favorite television program when it airs. All of these things seemed impossible just a few short weeks ago.

The low – your body really starts to change during the second trimester. Your breasts continue to grow, your bump finally appears, and your hips and ribs start to widen to accommodate your growing uterus. While all of this is great for your pregnancy, it can leave you feeling a little self-conscious. While you want to feel beautiful and make the most of your pregnancy, you may find yourself obsessing over stretch marks and your rapidly increasing bra size. Try not to worry too much, focus instead on staying healthy throughout the pregnancy.

The third trimester

The high– the second trimester confusion is over, you’re now obviously pregnant and can finally reap the rewards. Seats on public transport, not having to lift a finger, and the smiles of strangers are just some of the benefits of being heavily pregnant. All of a sudden, the entire world will seemingly do their utmost to ensure you are comfortable.

The low – where to start? The backache, the indigestion, and that unpleasant heavy feeling in your pelvis are all common complaints during the final trimester. Really though, the thing that drags down pretty much all pregnant women, is the waiting. Whether your pregnancy has been filled with problem after problem, or a carefree nine months, the last few weeks will drag. It may be unbearable, especially as your due date comes and goes. Try to make the most of those final weeks before the baby is outside demanding your 24/7 care.

Does this list describe your pregnancy, or do you have different highs and lows for each stage?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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