Week 8 of Pregnancy

Week 8 of pregnancy is GREAT!  2 Months in.  So how are you feeling?

Are you having a boy or girl? While the sex of your baby was decided long ago during conception, it is not until this week that you will finally be able to tell (although don’t expect an answer). During week 8, the reproductive organs develop and your baby will get either gonads or ovaries. Unfortunately, it may be very difficult to know for sure even with an ultrasound.

Your baby’s face is definitely taking on shape and becoming more developed. The tiny facial features like the lip, tip of the nose and even the eyelids are developing this week. If you could take a sneak peek inside her mouth, you would even be able to see a tiny tongue in the early stages of development – with taste buds! The eyes are in a phase of rapid development as well which includes development of the retina and eye pigment. Even so, your baby will likely be born with a bluish tint to her eyes.

Your baby is the size of a plump raspberry, which is around 10-14 millimeters. She no longer resembles a shrimp and is taking on a much more human shape in utero, complete with the beginnings of a neck underneath the head. She only weight about as much as a paper clip, although you may find that hard to believe with some of the discomforts you have been feeling. Your baby becomes much more active this week, twitching and jumping – however, it is still way too early for you to be able to detect these movements.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of week 8 is the fluttering heartbeat that can be seen on ultrasound. This heartbeat, while primitive, is a good sign that things with your pregnancy are developing perfectly.

Your uterus has grown to around the size of an orange. Your pants are definitely tighter. Chances are you don’t need maternity clothes yet, although borrowing some of your spouse’s shirts and sweat pants may be more comfortable when you are lounging around. This increase in size may cause some nerve or back pain. Stretching and starting a pregnancy yoga class can help you to get through it more easily.

Another change that may begin this week is an increase in cervical discharge. As long as the discharge is clear, without odor – it is simply one of the annoyances of pregnancy. This is caused by hormonal surges and will continue throughout pregnancy. Annoying, yes!  But there is really nothing that you can do about it. Wearing a panty liner may help. Watch for signs that you are getting a yeast or vaginal infection, and see a doctor right away if you suspect it.

Likely, your breasts are starting to grow or become sore, too. You will notice that the areola around the nipple darkens from hormones. Many women may not get increased breast volume until the third trimester, but do experience growth in overall nipple size. This is also completely normal.

Acne, and mood swings are also a natural part of pregnancy. Many women develop reddish splotches on their body or face due to hormones. Most of these will disappear after delivery and although they may cause you to be self-conscious, are nothing to worry about.

Just think….only 32 MORE weeks to go! Don’t worry, time will go much faster than you think.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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