5 Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

When you are pregnant, you will find that many people lose their manners when it comes to speaking to you. They say things that are unnecessary, or hurtful, or frightening, or just plain strange. It’s a weird phenomenon, really, that people seem to lose all their social filters when dealing with a pregnant woman.

The following are 5 things NOT to say to a pregnant woman. Ever.

1. Don’t say ‘You are too big or too small.’ Making reference to the size of a pregnant woman’s belly will just cause her to worry. Everyone carries differently. If she is huge – she is huge. If she is small – she is small. Simply accept the baby bump for what it is, and make references of how cute she is, or how adorable her belly is, but never question or be inquisitive about why she is either too big or too small in your opinion.

2. Never, ever share miscarriage, stillbirth or labor and delivery horror stories with pregnant woman. They don’t want to hear it. Seriously, just keep those things to yourself! All they do is cause unnecessary stress and even more worry for the pregnant woman.

3. Don’t ask, ‘Did you get a boy or girl this time?’ For some reason when people see a pregnant woman with a daughter or son, they automatically assume the family hopes to be pregnant with the ‘other’ gender. “Oh, did you get your son this time?” Not only does this hurt the already born children, but it is kind of rude. Who’s to say a pregnant mom doesn’t want two boys, or three girls? The assumption that the perfect family is a son and a daughter (in that order) is outdated.

4. Avoid telling a woman how much labor hurts, or the details of horrendous labor. In fact, the best thing to remind pregnant woman is that women have been giving birth since the dawn of mankind, and that everything will be just fine.

5. Parenting horror stories aren’t necessary. Forewarning them about how awful, or stressful rearing children is, or how their yet to be born baby will become a wild brat one day, is not necessary. Personalities and parenting choices are something every mom finds out on her own. Why burst her bubble now, when she is glowing with joy and basking in motherhood?

What are some of the things you wish people didn’t say to you while you were pregnant?

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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