The UK’s Top Baby Names of 2012

The UK’s Top Baby Names of 2012

Baby names come into and fall out of fashion easily. Celebrity baby names, popular TV shows and inspirational public figures can all help to improve the popularity of their name. Equally,a bad character in a book, or an unpopular politician can cause a name to fall out of favour. You don’t meet many baby Voldemorts these days, do you?

Some names seem to hover in the top 10 regardless of fashion, whereas others may appear fleetingly only to be replaced the following year. Below are the top five boys’ and girls’ names from the UK for 2012.

The UK’s top five boys’ names of 2012

  1. Harry – this popular name has been in the top five since 2006. This name grew in popularity as the Harry Potter books and films became more widely known. Harry is a medieval form of Henry. It means ‘home ruler’

  2. Jack – this incredibly popular name maintained the top spot for the best part of a decade. Although occasionally slipping into second, or even third place, it is undeniably one of the most popular boys’ names of the twenty first century so far. Jack means ‘God is gracious’.

  3. Oliver – this popular name has ranked in the top five boys’ names annually since 2005. It means ‘olive tree’.

  4. Charlie -this name has been in the top five for five years. The increasing popularity of this name could be attributed to the UK TV show Charlie & Lola. Charlie means ‘free man’.

  5. James – this popular name has been in the top five since 2011, and was a regular in the top five before 2005. James mean ‘holds the heel’ or ‘he who supplants’.

The UK’s top five girls’ names of 2012:

  1. Amelia – this was the most popular girls’ name in 2012, but was not previously in the top five. This surge in popularity was thought to be due to an X factor contestant of the same name.

  2. Lily – this name has been in the top five since 2008. Lily means, as you might expect, the flower Lily.

  3. Emily – this name has been in the top five for over a decade. This is a name with unwavering popularity in recent years. Emily means ‘rival’ or ‘emulating’.

  4. Sophia – this name was in the top five in 2012 and 2011. Before that, Sophie had been in the top five for a number of years. Sophie and Sophia are variations of the same name. Sophia means ‘wisdom’.

  5. Isabelle – this name has been in the top five for five years. It means ‘devoted to God’. Similar variations of this name include Isobel and Isabella, both of which are also popular names.

Predictions for 2013
When the Royal baby arrives this summer, the chosen name is likely to soar up the charts the following year. The same may also be true for any celebrity babies on the horizon, such as Kim Kardashian’s bundle of joy who is also due this summer.

It is likely that many of the top five names will maintain their position at the top, as they have in previous years.

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