Will I Be a Good Mother?

Will I Be a Good Mother?

You’re pregnant. You’re elated. You are so excited about the future that your imagination is running wild. You can almost see what the days in your household are going to be like once you have the baby. And then one day, in the most unexpected of ways when the reality of what your pregnancy means, you wonder….

Will I be a good mother?

Much of how we feel about motherhood comes from our own experiences with our own mother. And there are plenty of women in this world who do not have good relationships with their moms. You get along just fine, accepting things for what they are – only to come face to face with your own mother drama during pregnancy. You wonder if you know enough to be a good mom? You wonder if you will be like your own mother? You may even worry that you don’t have the tools of a living example of your own to help you along the maternal path.

Even women who have great relationships with their mothers likely worry about what kind of mother they will be. The reality is that worrying whether we will be ‘good enough’ for our children, will we be able to fully support them emotionally and spiritually and physically for the rest of their lives, is a common core concern of all mothers.

And, it is the FIRST sign that you WILL be a good mother. This worry, shows just how much you already love your baby, and how you already want so deeply for your baby to have everything in life. Including the perfect mom. (Which, by the way, doesn’t exist!)

Like all women, you will learn about motherhood as you go. Your child will come into this world and have a lot to teach you.  He or she will change your mind about a lot of beliefs that you may have never thought you would give up. He or she will also gently take your hand, and show you the way through the beauty of love.

While you will never be a perfect mother, you will be the best mother possible for your child. In those moments when you worry about whether you will be a good mom, have faith in yourself. Know that the love you feel right now – will only grow, and will help you do what is right for your child. Also realize that you will make mistakes along the way. Every mom on the face of the earth does at least once or twice.

They say that when a woman becomes pregnant, a mother is also born. Even now, while still carrying your baby in your womb, you are learning to be the best mom possible. Be patient with yourself, and remember one thing: Perfect or not, and even through mistakes, your baby will love you more than anyone else on the planet. You got this!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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